24 Dec

Intestinal stoma

What is an intestinal stoma?

An intestinal stoma is a surgical creation of an opening from the intestinal tract onto the anterior abdominal wall.

Classification is based on anatomical and stoma type.

  • Anatomical location: ileostomy, transverse colostomy
  • Stoma type: end toma, loop ileostomy, double-barrelled

Indication for stomas

Depending on the disease, type and classification of the stoma

End stoma –  mostly are permanent stoma

Ileostomy – proctocolectomy for inflammatory bowel disease or Familial adenopolyposis coli (FAP). However, an anal pouch is an alternative method to reduce the need for this stoma. Location is commonly over the RIF

Colostomy – indicated in rectal or anal malignancy whereby an abdominoperineal resection is performed. Located mostly in the LIF

Mucus fistula –

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