October 2017 29
Cardiac function
Posted By : doktorbedah

Cardiac function and monitoring In surgery, we occasionally need to deal with patients who are very sick and in the intensive care unit. Although most centres rely on anaesthetist in the management of the cardiac…

October 2017 22
Trauma scores
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Trauma score The role of trauma score in a trauma system is invaluable. It is important in quantifying and stratify patients based on their severity and survival probability. This score is useful during triage to…

September 2017 24
Team based learning
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What is team based learning? Team based learning is a technique of teaching many students using a structured small group's discussion. The aim is not only to gain knowledge but also apply at the same time.…

September 2017 05
Interactive discussion: the way forward
Posted By : doktorbedah

New technique of teaching: Interactive discussion We were introduced recently to a new way of teaching. Rather than having a lecture, we had to stimulate our participants with questions only. This is an interesting method…

September 2017 04
Teaching surgery to medical students?
Posted By : doktorbedah

Are we teaching the correct way? Recently, we came across a discussion of techniques in teaching surgery in medical students. A lot of new words and teaching method came about. Some people call it problem-based…