October 2017 29
Cardiac function
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Cardiac function and monitoring In surgery, we occasionally need to deal with patients who are very sick and in the intensive care unit. Although most centres rely on anaesthetist in the management of the cardiac…

October 2017 22
Trauma scores
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Trauma score The role of trauma score in a trauma system is invaluable. It is important in quantifying and stratify patients based on their severity and survival probability. This score is useful during triage to…

October 2017 15
Nutrition in surgical patient
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Nutrition in a surgical patient: basic concept One of the most common elements prescribe to patients are nutritional support. I still remember my early days as a medical officer where I found myself contemplating when…

October 2017 07
Fluid requirement
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How do we decide the fluid requirement? We often as our most junior doctors to prescribe fluid for patients in the wards. Those are familiar with the common fluid requirement will scribble something looking like…

October 2017 01
Chest tube
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What is a chest tube? Chest tube is a medical apparatus use to drain liquid or air from the pleural space. It is a common procedure in surgery and emergency department. It is attached to…