December 2017 24
Intestinal stoma
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What is an intestinal stoma? An intestinal stoma is a surgical creation of an opening from the intestinal tract onto the anterior abdominal wall. Classification is based on anatomical and stoma type. Anatomical location: ileostomy,…

December 2017 17
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Definition Hematuria is the presence of blood in the urine. It is one of the common conditions in urological practice and accounts up to 20% of all cases. This condition is closely related to malignancy…

December 2017 09
Sepsis and septic shock
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Sepsis and septic shock Definition of sepsis Life-threatening organ dysfunction caused by a dysregulated host response to infection. Describe the role of primary host response if in excess Early recognition and treatment are important to reduce…

December 2017 01
Breast cancer
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Introduction Breast cancer remains one of main cancer in women. An early diagnosis and treatment have proved to improve the survival and outcome. The incidence is increasing annually although the mortality rate is decreasing due…

November 2017 25
Acute pancreatitis
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Acute pancreatitis Definition Acute pancreatitis is defined as reversible inflammation of the pancreas with no evidence of pancreatic insufficiency Diagnosis History Most patient presents with typical epigastrium pain radiating to the back. It is described…

November 2017 18
Traumatic brain injury
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Traumatic brain injury Important anatomy and physiology Skull: Houses the brain and brainstem. Consist of the frontal, temporal, parietal and occipitalBase of the skull comprises of anterior, middle and posterior cranial fossa. Meninges: a soft…

November 2017 10
Flail chest
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Definition Flail chest is defined as two or more rib fractures at two or more segment. This causes the segment to become afloat and separated from the ribcage. The occurrence of this condition is associated…

November 2017 04
Peptic ulcer disease
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What is a peptic ulcer disease (PUD)? Peptic ulcer disease (PUD) is defined as a disruption of the mucosal integrity of the gastric or duodenum due to inflammation, hyperacidity or reduced mucosa resistance. This condition…

October 2017 29
Cardiac function
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Cardiac function and monitoring In surgery, we occasionally need to deal with patients who are very sick and in the intensive care unit. Although most centres rely on anaesthetist in the management of the cardiac…

October 2017 22
Trauma scores
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Trauma score The role of trauma score in a trauma system is invaluable. It is important in quantifying and stratify patients based on their severity and survival probability. This score is useful during triage to…